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PEN Center USA Announces 2014 Literary Awards Winners and Finalists
B.H. James finalist in Fiction for Parnucklian for Chocolate


"Like Chauncey Gardiner in Jerzy Kosinski’s Being There, Josiah--the teenage protagonist in BH James’ fantastically quirky debut novel, Parnucklian for Chocolate--is a bit of a blank slate.  Raised and home-schooled by a pathological mother who tells him his father’s an alien from the planet Parnuckle, Josiah bewilderedly bumbles through psych wards, group homes, and the sexual minefields of contemporary teenagerhood with a jejune artlessness that is simultaneously disturbing and heart-rending.  In hypnotically rolling prose skewered throughout with sharp wit and details, James slyly unveils Josiah’s alien and alienated perspective as a wide-eyed mirror to the minor horrors underlying suburban surfaces, a social anthropologist to the kitschy absurdities of contemporary pop culture, and an arbiter for the delusional, science-fictive nature of 'home' and 'family.'"

         -- Lee Ann Roripaugh, Author of On the Cusp of a Dangerous Year

"Parnucklian for Chocolate is a hilarious, ingeniously absurd coming-of-age tale. BH James’ sentences are delightfully self-conscious and playful, clever but not too clever, and entirely original. His characters are often foolish, even pathetic, but they nevertheless manage to deliver a powerful message: that the power of the imagination is the only thing capable of saving lives."
--Amy Hassinger
author of Nina:Adolescence

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